Sysco Counts

What's New

Time is money in the foodservice business and every second counts - literally!

Sysco Counts simplifies taking inventory and ordering products by combining two powerful tools in one convenient app - saving you time and money while making your life easier!

New Features at a Glance

What’s new in Sysco Counts 1.9?

New Features

  • You can now email, export, or print the Inventory Value Report as a Count Sheet report. When you do not have access to a mobile device, use the Count Sheet report to count inventory.
  • Use the built-in camera on your iPad to scan barcodes. When you scan the same barcode twice, the app automatically increases either the on-hand quantity or the order quantity.
  • All categories, locations, and item details now default for both the Inventory Value Report and Bar Code Report to expedite generating these reports.
  • A floating numpad now displays to expedite inventory counting.

Support Features

  • The app now closes whenever you reset the device connection.
  • When submitting support requests, tap   and include the required user ID and a brief description of the issue.
  • More helpful error messages now display to guide you when you experience log in issues.
  • When you are logged in with offline status, the last sync time displays.

Screen and Element Changes

  • From the account menu, the OpCo/Plan information helps you easily identify where the account is serviced.
  • The Logout button is inactive when your device is offline.
  • The Remote Stock badge now displays Remote instead of 7-10 Days.

Past Updates

In Sysco Counts 1.7, you can now:

  • Tap on Email button to export inventory value report as PDF and XLS
  • Tap on Email button to export order cart as PDF and CSV 
  • Get access to web link from Login screen to change password if you have forgotten your password
  • No longer need to re-enter your user ID once you have entered it in the Login screen
  • View Help screen properly in landscape mode
  • View Order Cart in the Sysco category sequence with line items sorted by product description when in the By Category view
  • See new Settings option in the menu bar to show the following:
    • Version number of the app
    • End User License Agreement
    • Access to web link to configure password reset challenges

Note:  In order to have the ability to reset your password, it is critical that you go to configure password reset challenges (to set up answers to a couple of security questions).  Your current password is needed in order to do this configuration.


How do I get the new version?

You should get a notification from either Apple or Google that your app has an update. Go to your apps, find Sysco Counts and click install the update. Your data and personalized settings should remain in place as they are currently stored on our server, and should be able to utilize existing Sysco Counts user ID and password.


Version 1.7 as of Friday, May 30, 2014